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Types of Drywalls

Types of Drywalls
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Whether you’re having a new house built or having one remodeled, chances are drywall or Sheetrock installation is needed. Water and dry plaster are mixed and heated to form gypsum plaster, which is then pressed in between sheets of paper that are thick. It’s often used on ceilings and walls. These drywalls may have tapered edge, which are commonly used on ceilings and square edge, which are often used on walls. These drywalls or plasterboard may come in different sizes, but the standard size is 4 x 8 foot. There are different types of drywall and it’s important that you know them to select the best option for your specific needs.

1. Water Resistant Wallboard

Sheetrock or wallboards could easily get damaged if in contact with water. Water may be absorbed, causing stains, mold growth or collapse. For this reason, the specialists from drywall repair Culver City recommends using water resistant sheetrock on areas that have high humidity, including laundry area, bathroom and kitchen. Water resistant wallboards are not water proof. However, they would not be easily damaged by water as regular wallboards.

2. Baseboard or Regular Plasterboard

Types of DrywallsThis is the usual plasterboard used on ceilings, although it can also be used on walls. Joint taping is done to secure the panels together. Mud is also used with the tape for sealing the joints. Sanding is then done for a smooth finish. These plasterboards are lightweight and their thickness can be from half an inch thick to 3/8 inch.

3. Fiberglass Wallboard or Sheetrock

Gypsum that’s moisture resistant has fiber glass lined on both of its sides. If you feel that you need better protection from water than what water resistant wallboard brings, then this is a great choice for you. Again, this is ideal for areas in which plasterboards may be at high risk of having water contact.

4. Abuse Resistant Wallboard

These wallboards are often thicker and more durable than other types of drywall. For this reason, they are great options for areas with higher traffic like the living room or on locations that may be prone to bumps, like playrooms. They are available from half an inch to 5/8 inch in thickness.

5. Fire Resistant or Fire Retardant Plasterboard

These plasterboards also come in different thickness. Thicker wallboards that are fire resistant can withstand flame longer. The 5/8 inch plasterboards are the most ideal if you want better fire protection. They can resist fire for around 45 minutes to an hour, which give you more time to escape, save your family or properties and stop the fire.

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